February 5, 2011

my jasmine vine

Maybe one of these days I'll post more in detail about my new room...
But for now, as the snow piles up 'round our ears,
I thought I'd share my little bit of green life that keeps
my window sill looking cheery (and smells incredible...)

My jasmine vine.

It's growing so quickly... it will need a new pot soon.

 I found this lovely little thing at Trader Joe's
last week. I've been searching for just the right plant for awhile -
and was overjoyed to finally bring one home.

(Trader Joe's is indeed a wonderful place...)

So that's my little prelude to Spring for you;
now for another weekend of being snowed-in;

and knitting. :)

February 2, 2011

a world of ice

The dogs and I ventured out this evening for a look at 
the damage caused by two days of freezing rain...

Not bad considering.

We're very thankful (and surprised) to still have power.

 Sweet old Buster and Huck...

Here's a giant Spencer among a sea of icebergs...

Keep warm everybody!
And if the weather is above 65 where you live -
I don't want to hear about it. ;)