My Mayhem Makers

In the course of reading this blog; you'll find that we have lots of critters. They are the inspiration behind many of my stories. This page is dedicated to them - and you - my readers, just in case you'd like to connect the names and faces with a little history.

This is Huck. 
His calling in life is to get attention - and boss the other dogs around. Most people find him a little irritating - but there really is something endearing about him. If he were a person, Huck would probably have a New Jersey accent and wear a Fedora... He's a tough guy. I claim him as "my dog."

This is Buster.
At the age of  91 (in dog years) he's starting to show his age a little.  As a Border Collie, he was born to be a sheep herder. Unfortunately, we didn't get him the training he needed to help-out in that department... so he usually expends his energy herding cars, being an absolute sweet-heart, and doing whatever Huck tells him to...

Buster passed away on March 19, 2011. He was a faithful dog for almost exactly 13 and a half years.
We all miss him dreadfully, but are so thankful for the blessing he was, and the memories he left.

Here's my kitty Favorite.
The poor guy had the misfortune of being born when I was nine years old...thus the name.  He has to be the friendliest cat ever, even if he does sound more like a quacking duck than a cat. He has a gift for finding masculine backdrops for portraits, and posing, - as you can see. He's definitely still my Favorite.

Pollyanna.  She's our sweet little sarcastic bird - that can alternate between saying precious things and biting chunks out of people  moment by moment. She came to live with us in 2002, after being rescued from living in a basement. Her level of intelligence can be frightening - but hysterically funny at the same time. As long as you keep your fingers and nose at a respectful distance.

This is Anpfeifen; better known as just plain Fiffen.
He became a part of our lives in 2008 when we found him as a cold scrawny little kitten in our church parking lot. He has grown to be a huge 10 pound monster that loves - chasing the dogs, snow, digging in flower beds, bugging the daylights out of people - and cake icing...

July 2010 - Fiffen went on an adventure recently and hasn't returned yet. If you see him - tell him to come  home. We miss him. 

This is Haggai. He's our polar bear. Our faithful watch dog and sheep guardian. He's the largest Great Pyrenees that I've ever seen - yet he still  manages to be quite the escape artist. Definitely a 'gentle giant' he loves to be petted, and is constantly offering his huge paw for a handshake. The only downsides are - the daunting task of brushing  him out... And the dangerous amounts of slobber...

Haggai passed away July 5, 2010. 
He left a hole, and we still desperately need and miss him.

 Barclay bounced into our lives January 2011 in an attempt to fill the big empty sheep-dog-shoes left behind by Haggai. Between you and me - he isn't a very good sheep dog yet...not at all. But he's working on it, and meanwhile he manages to be pretty cute.

 Meet Madeline.
Our oldest pet, and the only one to have lived with us prior to our move to the country way back in 1997. Maddy used to be an indoor cat, but was kicked out many years ago after we installed the new carpet... She's the kind of cat that we are constantly warning young visitors not to touch... She and I have an understanding though, and I like that in a cat.

Madeline disappeared late July 2010 - just before her 13th birthday. 

Spencer Myrtle Peabody.
This little dog must hold the World's title for the most nick-names. He has a lot of them. Spence is my brother Joe's dog. He's our only canine with in-the-house privileges. I like to call him our "little everyday beam of sunshine" because he's always happy - and always busy trying to cheer us up. His downfall is that he loves to eat indigestible things. Like rocks. And plastic...

This is Scooter.
She's actually the first gray cat we ever had around here. She's usually pretty quiet and doesn't do much, but she likes to hang-out on the back porch or go and explore in the kitchen garden. She spends so much time in there - that we actually sometimes call it "Scooter's Garden" after her...

August 2010- After almost ten years with us, Scooter has also disappeared. It's not easy having so many aging pets!

Our Cows - are new to the farm as of May 2010. Known to us simply as "Mosey" and "The Big One".

Last but not least... we can't forget the Sheep.
Our beautiful, colorful, rapidly multiplying herd of Katadhins. They are special due to the fact that they shed their wool - which is wonderful because it means we don't have to shear them. We have a good time giving them ridiculous names [well, ridiculous for sheep] and making fun of their behavior.

Oh, and the chickens.

We have quite the collection when it comes to poultry. They come in all colors (and their egg shells do too - brown, blue, green, seriously.) They run wild, wreak havoc on anything garden related, and hide their eggs everywhere. Every day here ends with an egg hunt...