January 30, 2011


We've had more lambs this past week... 
We lost one little guy to the intense cold before we even
knew to look for him - thankfully his sibling made it though.

They're rather adorable - as you're about to see;
but that fact really isn't surprising anymore is it?

I especially can't get over this little guy's tucked ear. 

Did you know that old tree stumps are yummy to snack on?

I didn't either.

And just to clarify - personally, I still don't.
But the lambies seem to think so.

For an example of  how quickly these little guys grow up -
here's a recent photo of the lamb that was born on that 
sunny day in November not so long ago.

Check out those little horns! 

So we're enjoying these sweet little faces while they last;
and wanted to share them with all of you.


Jacqueline said...

Do mean to say that the little guy with the tiny horns was born in November?? Amazing! And, yes, definitely cute!
I especially love the rich colors and texture of their hair.

Kate said...

Yes - he sure was! :) Though he really isn't as large as the photo makes him look, it's still hard to believe he's only a few months old...

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww the one with the tucked ear is so adorable!!! :D

Shelby Mary said...

They are so cute Kate! : )

Tarissa said...

Oh, the lambs are just so gorgeous! Especially that one with the tucked ear. =)

Anonymous said...

do you sell them?

Kate said...

Sometimes we do; but usually not when they are still this little.