October 18, 2010


I'll warn you in advance,
this post contains pictures that may
disturb your sleep.

It has taken me three weeks,
but I definitely have found some details about
Texas that are a little less than attractive
in my humble opinion...
and for the sake of my mom - who I know will
highly appreciate all of it - I decided to share.

First off are Los Scorpions, whom I have mentioned previously.
I've only spotted this one pictured above thus far,
which my hostess kindly caught on a piece of tape and froze
for me as a souvenir of sorts...
Since I haven't been stung yet, their presence doesn't
bother me. Much.

This big guy, while still very creepy was just
ever-so-slightly cool.

Don't worry, he was on his back and very dead when
I found him (outside).

Imagine the pranks you could pull with something like this...

This is the part where it gets kind of bad.
The other evening, my friend and I were busy cleaning
up the kitchen after dinner - when her parents
called from the road where they had been taking a walk.
They'd found something that Kate might like to see,
and weren't too far from the house - so
we drove down to take a look....

There are a few things I probably wouldn't have done
(like walking around outside bare-footed after dark...)
if I had any idea there were tarantulas as big as
tennis balls running around.
(He was a "small one" by the way.)

If spiders rule on my list of creatures I can't stand;
then tarantulas are just completely off the charts.

They've been doing an excellent job keeping me out of
the jungles of South America.
Little did I know that they had cousins right here in TX...

Sweet dreams everybody.

October 12, 2010

Yulia's going home

A few weeks ago, I shared about a sweet little girl named Yulia - whose story really touched my heart. She was born with a terminal condition, but has spent the first three years of her life on her back in an orphanage crib. A lady who really has a heart for orphans with special needs, shared her story on her blog - and within a few days was able to raise the grant money needed to fund Yulia in finding a family. Well, the news is out today - Yulia is now Julia, and she has a family that is coming to get her soon. That really brought a smile to my face, and I just wanted to share the miraculous outcome of her story with all of you. I'm really praising the Lord for his faithfulness to this little girl.

October 10, 2010

Armadillos etc.

One absolutely obvious thing that I love about
traveling, is experiencing the newness.
Savoring the distinction of sights and scenery that have
no comparison to what I've experienced before.
Glancing through my photos, I found a few that definitely
would fit under that category...
Here are just a few of the completely new-to-me sights
that I've spotted along Texan roadways...
There seems to be a little of it just about everywhere,
in case I need reminding of where I am.
Signs like this one...
While we could certainly use one in our yard back home;
this is not a sign I see everyday.
(They could use a few more of them in that stretch,
judging by the dead cow we spotted...)

Oh, and Armadillos...well, sort of.
We spotted this poor little guy earlier today...
I don't make a practice of photographing roadkill -
but coming from the land of raccoons and opossums,
I personally found it to be rather noteworthy.
Sorry I don't have pictures of the four foot snake or
of the scorpion specimen I'm bringing home...
I kind of figured you didn't want to see those anyway...

October 4, 2010

Hiker's Heaven

Just a little update from Texas...
and more importantly; a few pictures.
Saturday we got to go to Enchanted Rock - and hiking/climbing
enthusiast that I am; I had the time of my life...
There just aren't big rocks like this where I come from.
From what I've seen, Texas is a gorgeous state.
Definitely put it on your list to visit someday if you haven't yet.