October 10, 2010

Armadillos etc.

One absolutely obvious thing that I love about
traveling, is experiencing the newness.
Savoring the distinction of sights and scenery that have
no comparison to what I've experienced before.
Glancing through my photos, I found a few that definitely
would fit under that category...
Here are just a few of the completely new-to-me sights
that I've spotted along Texan roadways...
There seems to be a little of it just about everywhere,
in case I need reminding of where I am.
Signs like this one...
While we could certainly use one in our yard back home;
this is not a sign I see everyday.
(They could use a few more of them in that stretch,
judging by the dead cow we spotted...)

Oh, and Armadillos...well, sort of.
We spotted this poor little guy earlier today...
I don't make a practice of photographing roadkill -
but coming from the land of raccoons and opossums,
I personally found it to be rather noteworthy.
Sorry I don't have pictures of the four foot snake or
of the scorpion specimen I'm bringing home...
I kind of figured you didn't want to see those anyway...


Amanda said...

So happy to hear what a lovely time you're having Kate! What a wonderful time of restoration =)

Question- do vultures flock around the roadkiill down there? The armadillos and snakes don't last long on the ground down here....yuck!! lol

Kate said...

Um... Let me say they definitely have vultures; I'm not sure why they didn't find this guy though. Maybe they did - pretty much all that was left of him was his 'shell'... Love ya sis. :)