October 18, 2010


I'll warn you in advance,
this post contains pictures that may
disturb your sleep.

It has taken me three weeks,
but I definitely have found some details about
Texas that are a little less than attractive
in my humble opinion...
and for the sake of my mom - who I know will
highly appreciate all of it - I decided to share.

First off are Los Scorpions, whom I have mentioned previously.
I've only spotted this one pictured above thus far,
which my hostess kindly caught on a piece of tape and froze
for me as a souvenir of sorts...
Since I haven't been stung yet, their presence doesn't
bother me. Much.

This big guy, while still very creepy was just
ever-so-slightly cool.

Don't worry, he was on his back and very dead when
I found him (outside).

Imagine the pranks you could pull with something like this...

This is the part where it gets kind of bad.
The other evening, my friend and I were busy cleaning
up the kitchen after dinner - when her parents
called from the road where they had been taking a walk.
They'd found something that Kate might like to see,
and weren't too far from the house - so
we drove down to take a look....

There are a few things I probably wouldn't have done
(like walking around outside bare-footed after dark...)
if I had any idea there were tarantulas as big as
tennis balls running around.
(He was a "small one" by the way.)

If spiders rule on my list of creatures I can't stand;
then tarantulas are just completely off the charts.

They've been doing an excellent job keeping me out of
the jungles of South America.
Little did I know that they had cousins right here in TX...

Sweet dreams everybody.


Amanda said...

Ewwww...as if I needed help getting even LESS sleep...thanks Kate ;P Interesting critters down there, that's for sure.

Jo Bekah Photography said...

Oh my gosh, that so gross! but really cool in a way too. :D

Anonymous said...

Dittos on the Ewwww. Please don't post any snakes...
Love, Mom

Polka Dot said...

Okay, I am never moving to Texas.