November 12, 2010

November redemption

After complaining so much about November,
and labeling it as my second least favorite month,
I've been pleasantly surprised by temps in the 70's...

Yay for cheerful, sunny, photographer-friendly days,
and a November that's redeeming itself.

Happy belated birthday to my Favorite cat...
(who will always be my favorite, 'cause that's his name...)
I can't believe that old guy's 10 now.

Would you believe this poor thing still doesn't have a name?
Probably kind on my end - since the last two were dubbed
Big Mac and Big Buford...
He said he'd rather not have a name.

And there's Huck, just for being such a ham.

Woolly... Yep, that's his name.
It probably is a little bit too cutsie for him now -
but he was cutsie once upon a time.
He's the reggae ram now...with some serious dreadlocks.

That's how many sheep we had on Monday,
and I doubt that's even all of them.

Twelve of them went to the sale yesterday,
we just had to downsize.
- And since I'm the one that knows who's who -
I was the official sentencer,
the one who decides who goes and who stays.
I really hate that job.

I know who they are, who their moms are, their names -
because I was the first one to touch them when they hit
the ground, the one who dried them off,
the one that helped them stand.
Parting with some isn't ever easy; but then again -
neither is having 30 sheep...

So, I'll hurry up and post this, before the cold and rain
returns tomorrow,
and I'm back to not liking November quite so much...


Brewer Family said...

Yes we have been blessed with unusually warm gorgeous weather for November! And now that the cold is back just remember...if we don't have winter and the freezing temperatures our bugs will be as big and nasty as the bugs you saw in Texas. That is one thing I'm thankful for about cold weather, it kills off bugs. :)

Christina said...

I love your pictures!

November HAS been weird! A week ago there was snow on the ground, but yesterday it got up to 70.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read E. B. White's essays? So many know him only for Charlotte, Wilbur, and Stuart and not for his beautiful accounts of his life on a saltwater farm in Maine ~ dropping lambs, etc. ~ can't recommend them highly enough.


Jill said...

Our November has been unusual this year. It was colder than normal earlier this month, and now it is warmer than usual. The horses don't know what to think.

Kate said...

You definitely have a point there Bethany... :) And no Carey, I've never read anything else by E.B. White, I'll have to look for them now though - thanks for the recommendation!

Jessica said...

Hello Kate!

Thanks for your comment :D We DO remember you! Though we must not have quite remembered what you looked like, because some of us have been following your blog and didn't even know we knew you! lol!

I love the way you write :D I agree...that job is not very fun! Fortunately, Mommy has that job :)