December 2, 2010

The Lovely Foxanne

I have high and lofty aspirations of all the things I hope
to write a post on one of these days -
not the least of which is the fact that I still haven't
posted any photos of our finished house...

But on a chilly night like this one,
I'm only up to posting the very silly (and petty) tale
of the lovely Foxanne.

She arrived just yesterday...seems like she's been here
forever already though; much as we've seen her...

I can already hear mom telling me that I've posted
five of the exact same photos...
But they aren't at all the same to me.

Oh great; Kate's taking pictures of me again.

This is Spencer (you knew that),
and in the foreground is the little toy fox that
he received yesterday.
Mom recalled that it's been some time since our poor Spence
has had a toy of his own (there are reasons...he eats them.)
But since he is in fact older, and maybe more mature,
she brought the fox home (perfect for a fox terrier - no?)
and the rest is history.
(Well, 24 hours worth.)

Whoa. Would you look at all that crazy stuff going on right behind Kate's back?!
Trying to distract me... He's a smart little guy.

He as a matter of fact hasn't ripped her little
squeaky 'heart' out yet;
and thankfully doesn't seem to plan to.
He's actually kind of nice to her,
and carries her around everywhere,
and is forever trying to show her to us -
and stick the wet soggy thing into our hands...

Okay Joe, just make her stop.

So, I christened her Foxanne,
(soley because it makes me laugh, which seems
to be good logic for lots of things)
and all we have to do is ask Spence where
Foxanne is, and he's running off to fetch her;
not that we really care to see her anymore...
it's just too cute to see how smart he is,
and the fact that she's still in one piece;
well that's nice too.


She's fairing much better than Adolf did.
Adolf was his big plastic rat.
Adolf looked like a real rat from most angles -
and Spencer had an uncanny way of leaving him places.
We eventually became rather immune to him,
while most of our guests did not...
I took to calling him Adolf after Spencer ate off
all four of his limbs...
Uh, yes, Ate Off... (say that five times fast); thus the name.
I found it humorous.

Let's hope Foxanne's story has a better ending.

Yep Kate, I see you, and I really do love you too.
Camera and all.


Anonymous said...

I laughed when I read the part about you naming the toy rat Adolf. Rat...Adolf... ;) Funny stuff!

Christina said...

What an interesting name! :D It's very funny though, something I would never come up with!

Kate said...

We thought Foxanne was kind of a funny take on the name Roxanne. Just saying it makes us laugh. :D Thanks for following and commenting Christina!

Chloe~Jane said...

I just thought I would let you know that I love your blog, I find it so encouraging!
Love In Christ,
P.S Here is my blog:

Amanda said...

You guys are too silly!! lol I like Foxanne....cute =)

Jill said...

Spencer is so cute!! I want to pet him. :)

Maggie, our Border Collie, always tore up her toys, too. That is, until the day that we bought her Squeaky. Squeaky was a hideous, little, rubber alien thing. Maggie loved Squeaky and carried him everywhere. Woe to the dog, cat, or human who tried to take Squeaky away from Maggie. If looks could kill... we'd all be long dead. A neighbor's dog finally stole the toy, so that was the end of that. :)