December 14, 2010

my journey

Dad and I made it home Sunday evening.
The long trip back was made so much shorter and lovelier
by the companionship of two dear friends - Sarah and Hannah.
I was so blessed by the time to get to know them even better!

Looking back over the past weekend,
I didn't take many photos, (7 good ones, to be perfectly exact.)
and I didn't take many notes.
I did get to make and meet many, many, friends -
many memories;
and I listened with all of my strength.
I came home feeling very blessed, inspired,
and completely overwhelmed.

Whether attempting to articulate to others, record in
my journal - or even sort in my own mind the many
ways that Love the Church affected me;
I continue to fail.

I came home so strengthened in my walk with the Lord,
and yet so greatly burdened by how far I continue to fall short;
more dependant on His grace then ever before.

This is the mysterious journey of sanctification.
The more I see of the Lord, the more I long to be like Him,
and the more clearly I can see how I'm not.
The further I come,
the further I see I am yet to go.

I'm frustrated in my own weakness today,
but rejoicing in the strength of my God.

(These photos were taken somewhere in the hills of North Carolina.)


Andrea said...

Thank you for this beautiful post Kate!

Sarah and Hannah had so many stories to tell that I almost feel like I was there!

Your testimony and lovely pictures complete the "experience."

Brewer Family said...

Was great to visit with you!

sarah beth said...

One of my favorite trips home ever!