August 30, 2010

drywall and dry humor

The drywall happened Friday;
not as exciting as I'd hoped -
because now that we have walls,
I'm already moving on to needing them to have the
cracks filled and nails covered...
and once that's all finished up,
my mind will already have moved on to paint,
and flooring,
and so -
patience is a virtue;
and waiting until today for that next step
has been great opportunity for exercising it!

On to the drywall pics...

The view from the front door

The kitchen area (to the left)

And, the view to the right...

On the way back from documenting the progress on our home,
I spied Scooter all nice and posed for a picture.
This is rare, because she's a spastic little sweetie,
and most of her photos are far from flattering...
She always resembles a gray meercat or something.

But, this time, I got one.

Then those ears went back...

Boy doesn't she look grumpy; and here's why.

Spencer started chomping on a stick right behind her;
and that is so annoying.
He really does torture her,
the facial expressions basically say everything...


If looks could kill....

I really shouldn't post this -
it doesn't represent her well, but I can't help it.

That's seriously just a yawn,
I have no idea why our cats look so freaky when they do that.

This is Huck's "worried" look...

Nickle was giving all of the dogs the evil eye from the
back porch...
It was obviously a bad day to be a gray cat.

The forecast for being orange?

Sunny as usual.

There's definitely something to be said for being
care-free and oblivious;
all of the time.
Not that anyone could do it as well as this Favorite cat does.

Chomp away, Spencer.


Jo Bekah Photography said...

Wow, it's really looking good! I can't wait to see it when it's all finished. :) That picture of Huck is so cute! He looks quite frightened, ha ha.

Christianna said...

Wow! Kate, you seem to have a lot of cats. What is your total amount? =)

Christina said...

You take such adorable pictures of your animals! :)

Your house is looking great! It will be fun to see when it is finished.

Kate said...

Christianna, um, well, let me see... As of today we have five. :) And except for the "Squirrel"... they've all been around here for a very long time. :)

Thank you Jordan and Christina! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how quickly they're getting everything finished! And those pictures of the animals made me laugh, especially the one where the dog was in the background and the cat had that "kill me now" kind of look on its face! Too funny!

Laura said...

Good Morning Miss Kate!
Your new house is coming along so exciting for all of you!
We went to one fair yesterday...saw about 8 different breeds of goats...many questions...many answers...still not sure...oh, well, searching is half the fun!
Have a blessed day,
Mrs. Laura

Eden said...

Oh, your cats are so adorable! We have two, Opal and Onyx so we know just what cats are about. ;-)

Kate, I would like to know how you're doing with the hats for the knit and crochet-along for Romania. Of course, we still have some time (the shipping deadline is Oct. 10th) but I'd like to know how much progress we've made towards our goal of 100 hats. Please visit my blog and leave a comment on my post "Progress?"! If you haven't made much of any progress, that's fine too. But please let me know anyway. Thanks in advance! :) Blessings!