August 23, 2010


I don't expect all of you to be fascinated by this post...
but considering that my grandparents asked me
to share some pics of the progress,
I'm more than happy to oblige here and there.

I'll admit, it is getting a little hard to hold the excitement in.

Just for comparison - here is a before picture.

Huck is loving his position as overseer...

Here is after the first day...
Plywood off the walls, and plumbing roughed in.

After day two...
Framing started on outer walls and floor.

And here is the latest -
Plywood down on the floors, and walls framed in!
(and the garage doors have disappeared.)

Kind of looking like a house all of the sudden.

It's finally dawning on us that we are majorly downsizing,
but it will be worth it.

God is doing amazing things.

We are so thankful and amazed at how fast it's coming
together. They've only been at it for a few days.

And Spence is making friends with all of the workers,
and getting his adorable little self in the way,
which is what he does best.
Nobody ever seems to notice what a complete pest he is.
He definitely has some people skills...


Anonymous said...

Wow, it's really looking great!

Jill said...

Your builders are certainly moving fast! It looks really good. Do you have any idea when the house is supposed to be complete?

Keep posting updates. I, for one, am interested in the progress. :)


Kate said...

Thanks Jill. :) We're installing pipes for our wood stove this afternoon, and might start drywalling Wednesday! So... We're thinking it might be finished and ready in two weeks at the most. Pretty quickly.

Amanda said...

Wow!!! God is so good :) It's looking great! I'm so excited about the wood stove too! Two weeks!?!?! REALLY!!!?? That is faster than fast! I'm so excited for you all! To new beginnings :) And keep the updates coming!

Kate said...

Yes, it's going to take up a lot of precious space - but we just couldn't part with the wood stove. God really is so very good! I'm stunned at how quick things are changing! I love you guys! Give the kids a hug for us. :)

Margaret said...

It's coming along! I hope all continues to go well in the plans.
It's humorous how much people will dote on an animal until they realize how much they get in the way, but still if they're cute, they're cute!