August 3, 2010

memories and old boots

Due to the season of life that we are living,
which is bound to be better explained in a future post -
and includes a large amount of downsizing,
sorting, and thus reminiscing...
lots of forgotten objects have resurfaced.

That's how I stumbled across a box of memories... which I found my dusty old black riding boots.
Still a little dirty, still giving off a fragrance of
sawdust, horses, the sweet smells of leather,
and stories of all the places we'd been together.

Memories of hot July days, a sweaty pony,
and a blue ribbon.

That was 2001,
the year I rode a pony that was older and
smarter than I was.
A pony who took it upon herself to "teach" me.

Her background had been contesting,
and she was a little speed-devil.
Whether poles, or barrels, or something else -
her eyes would light-up, and she knew exactly what to do.
I quickly realized that as long as Butter knew the patterns
all I had to do was hang on for the ride.
She taught me all of them,
and since she was trained left-handed,
we did them backwards.

Her favorite was flag racing, and it quickly became mine too -
it was the only pattern where she really needed me.
She would slow down and lean in so that I could grab the flag,
and do the same on the other side so that I could get rid of it.
I never once had to whip her to make her go;
she raced hard because she loved it.
We both loved every moment of that Summer together.

When 4-H rolled around, we won first place in pony
Flag racing and pony Western Pleasure.
I was so proud of my multi-talented Buttercup.

We went to State for Flag Racing,
on August 3, 2001 - nine long years ago today.
We both messed up,
and came home with nothing but lots of memories -
but they mean more now than a ribbon ever could.

One sad day, I outgrew my pony;
and she moved on into the life and dream-come-trues
of another little girl.

I still sometimes miss my days with Butter,
especially when August rolls around again,
and memories of that Summer when I was eleven
are as perfect as ever.

And all still triggered by just an old pair of dusty boots.


Jo Bekah Photography said...

Wow, that's so neat! I always enjoy finding things like that. I remember that picture of you and your pony, I think I have a copy of it somewhere! Love the first one you took!

Jill said...

What a neat pony! We need one like that down here to help teach the kids to ride.

We used to ride an old speed event horse who taught Annie to run. He was great.

Enjoy your memories.