August 10, 2010

odds and ends

Dear me, it's been a week since I've given much thought
to posting a thing here...

So, just for fun - I dug through my archives and came across some
of the shots that make me laugh - but never quite reached the
'blog-able' status.

Like Buster.

This dog hardly ever makes it on the blog...
Let's just say he's hard to photograph.
If the above look doesn't make me go away -

He tries this one.

And if all else fails -
he high-tails it to the nearest grassy patch where
he proceeds to roll and frolic and be ridiculous until
I get bored of waiting on him to finish,
and move on to more rewarding uses of time...

Like photographing this dog;
who is so photogenic - he has his own post coming.

But even the best have their moments.

I even ran across a few memories from Winter,
like the day I returned from the barn to see the
neighbor's cat doing yoga on Huck's dog house.

Obviously, not an acceptable practice around here;
but what can you do?

Our cats would much rather hang out in the cast iron
pots on the front porch...

Which in some cases is kind of cute;

but then there are those other cases...

Mom gets a little miffed about this,
because cats in pots on your front porch that look like
aren't all that welcoming.

I guess that's about it.
Hopefully I'll be back in less than a week with something
more - substantial...


Jo Bekah Photography said...

I love that first shot! You are right, Huck is so photogenic!

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha! The "cats in pots on the porch" thing made me laugh. :D

Amanda said...

Awweee....Buster :) I think he's photogenic!! lol Love the last shot, so funny!!!