June 30, 2011

21 years...

It's so hard to believe.

I'm not 20 anymore;
and I won't ever be 20 again.

Time just never stops, does it?
Every long once in awhile I find myself wishing that there was
a pause button, or even just a slow motion button,
Actually, I'll be truthful;
I find myself wishing that more and more.

I was thinking about those silly dandelions again,
and how the breezes of life and time come and scatter
the delicate little parachutes of my days, months, and years.
They aren't wasted, they have their purposes,
but they won't be back again.

A vapor, a flower that fades,
this life goes oh so quick.

21 years were just a blink.

I don't even want to consider how quickly the next 21 years
could come and go, if the Lord grants them to me.

I so badly want to make them count.

It's only by God's grace that we can find any meaning in life,
that anything about this short journey can be truly worthwhile.

Truly Eternal.

My prayer in this season continues to be:
that when my moments here are gone -
that I will have held back nothing.
That there will be
nothing left,
that I wished I'd done, or given up, 
in pursuit of the Lord's perfect will for my life. 
That it will all be poured out -
for the glory of Christ.

Thanking Him for 21 years.


Bethany said...

Happy Birthday Kate! May the Lord continue to bless you with many more years to serve Him.

Sophia Merie said...

Wow! Happy Birthday! You have passed a significant milestone in your life. When is your exact birthday? I turned 18 years old yesterday (June 30th).

Christina said...

Happy birthday!!! You're getting old! :D :D :D

Christianna said...

Happy Birthday, Kate. I haven't known you all that long, but it's hard to believe that you're already 21! God bless you as you strive to make every moment count.

Jill said...

Amen, Kate. I hope and pray that you continue to serve the Lord and follow his leading over the next 21 years. I know he has a lot to teach, and he will be constantly shaping you more and more into his image as he has over the last 21 years.

Thanks for sharing your insights, as always. You are such an encouragement.

Kate said...

Thank you so much everyone! :) Sophia, wow - our birthdays are only one day apart, mine is June 29! Happy Birthday to you too!

Rachel Noel said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry it's so late. I hope you have many happy returns of the day.

Miss Antoinette K. said...

Happy Birthday Kate! Oh wow, so you are only 6 months older than I as I myself will be turning 21 this year in December and know exactly how you feel. :)

Been praying for you and hope all is well fellow sister in Christ! <3

much love and blessings,

Miss Antoinette

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, sweet Kate!

Love in Christ,

Laura Lee

Jacqueline said...

Dear Kate,
It makes me cry to think of the 59 years I have spent, most of it in frivolities and selfish pursuits. The first 31 were without the knowledge of our Lord Jesus. What a waste. We now have the choice to use our time to His glory. thank you for the reminder, dear one. Much love!

Brewer Family said...

Wow, Kate! Carolyn's birthday is the same day as yours! She turned 16.