June 23, 2011

a dairy, a bottle calf.

My niece and nephews will be headed home soon.

(Does it bug anyone else that their isn't a plural word for niece
and nephew such as "siblings," etc. ? 
"Nieces and Nephews" can be a mouthful.)

((And there aren't gender distinctive words for "cousins";
that bugs me too...))

Moving on.

One day last week, we were able to take the kids to a dairy
run by a farmer friend of ours.

He has a new batch of baby cows.

And most wonderful of all,
they are bottle calves.

One in particular is so very tame.

Having had lots of bottle babies of different species
in seasons past, I wouldn't ask for such a responsibility -
but the kids were absolutely delighted to have a short visit.

You should have seen this girl eat.
She chugged her breakfast down almost faster
than I could get pictures.

And for the remainder of our visit,
she drooled sticky, milky, calf slobber all over us. :) 
It dried pretty fast though...

When I got back to the van,
and pulled out the hand sanitizer...
if you ever find your hands coated in dried calf drool,
and you are far from running water and soap -
skip the hand sanitizer. :)

It brings the icky-stickiness right back to life,
and that's about all...

Just view the trip to Wal*Mart afterwards 
(smelling like a herd of cows)
as a memorable moment in history;
in a good and humorous way of course.

The other highlight of our trip...

Visiting "Spot" -

known to us as "Buster Jr.".

He really is Buster Jr. too.
His momma was a Great Pyrenees that lived about a mile from us.
I'll never forget the day we drove by and saw all of those
black and white pups rolling around the yard...  

When we met Spot a few years later,
we thought we knew where he was from;
and we were right. :)

It's so sweet to see Buster's brown eyes again.

Yay for dairies, and cows, and unplanned pups.

and Niechews. ;)


Mary Ruth Pursselley said...

This was a fun post, Kate. : ) I've had a few bottle babies (of varying species) and unplanned puppies myself.
And although I've never really thought about it before, I think you are quite right: there should definitely be gender-distinctive words for cousins, and a gender-neutral word for nieces and nephews. Of all the obscure and useless words we have floating around in our language, you'd think we'd have one to fulfill such a necessary purpose!

Christianna said...

Lydia and I have talked about how there really should be a gender neutral word for nieces and nephews, as well and gender distinctive for cousins. Especially now that I do have nieces and a nephew!! URG!!
That's so neat about the dog. The picture looks so like your Buster! and this Spot seems to be getting older too, because he has the white about the mouth. Makes him look even more like the Buster pictures I'd seen. =)