June 16, 2011

The latest...

The garden decided to grow all of the sudden.

It has gone from this:

To this: 

We added the gravel paths too.
Boy, don't want to do that job again... 

And I guess you know by now that every post must be
interspersed with the faces of adorable dogs...
So here you go.

The potatoes looked good like this:

 But they've pretty much taken over at this point...

We've been picking peas too.
I always end up wondering if they're worth it...

Oh. Another dog.

Weeding goes so much quicker with all these little
helpers around! 
(And Spencer doesn't count...)

Want a glimpse of my next daunting project?

We have to convert this:

into a potting shed of sorts.

For 12 years, it was the goat shed,
and it has seen a lot of wear.

That's it for now!


Jill said...

I really like your garden! Is it all in raised beds, or do you do some rows?

Mine is all rows, but I hope to try raised beds soon. I am tired of weeding all that extra space. Want to send your weeding help my way? I could use some helping hands...

As always, Spencer is so cute.

Gabrielle Renee said...

The garden looks wonderful! I love the gravel paths! I know exactly what you mean about never wanting to do it again. ;) My family built a patio last summer and we had to do a lot of gravel.... Not fun. But, it does make the garden look a lot nicer. :)

Rachel Noel said...

Wow! Your garden looks lovely! It's really incredible to see everything pop up all of a sudden. We finally got rain and now everything is growing way faster than what we were prepared to deal with. Lots and lots of herbs! Sometime I'll send you some pictures of it (maybe with some pictures of my own adorable dog mixed in too).

Christianna said...

Wow! your garden has grown!! ours has not really gotten to the reaping point yet. oh, except I think lettuce... =( And your raised beds look beautiful!

Miss Antoinette K. said...

Oh wow, your garden is lovely! We have one raised bed along side our mobile that we have a few things in (just pulled a few dead plants out this morning) and hope to add more! The "potting shed" is amazing, I just love old things like that! *sigh* Makes me miss Tennessee.

Thanks for sharing, I just love your photos and the goings on over in the O. house! :)


Miss Antoinette