June 9, 2011

To be a kid again.

My sister's kids are visiting us here on the farm
for the first time in a long, long, while.

Having three kids in the house has been a sweet reminder
of how wonderful childhood really is;
and for two weeks - I get to relive it.

Day One: The Creek. 

My brother and I almost grew up in this creek. 

Picnics, "fishing," rock collecting, "panning for gold"...
I still make frequent visits to the creek,
but I hadn't truly been in it for awhile... 

There's something about being between five and ten years old
that makes the world so wonderful,
little adventures so thrilling,
nature's wonders so enthralling,
and God so infinite and utterly in control.

I wish that wasn't all so easily lost.

One day you grow up and think you know everything,
and sometimes you never realize just how much
you've managed to forget.

So, today we waded,
we wondered,
and let ourselves be astounded by nothing much at all.

We laughed uproariously at a crazy dog.

We got wet.
We sniffed flowers,
and then we picked them and put them in our hair.
(Well, at least the ladies did.)

Even Huck had an afternoon to remember what
being young felt like. 

We imagined snakes in every bush,
and crayfish under every rock;
'cause every adventure needs a touch of peril.

Then we headed home,
wet, tired, and already plotting tomorrow's escapades.

It's always good to be a kid again. 


Christina said...

I LOVE this post!!! It's perfect! I love how your write, it must be a gift from God.:)

So often I wish I could go back in years - o what innocent fun we had! :D

M. R. Pursselley said...

I loved this, Kate. I remember growing up in my own creek, catching tadpoles, building dams, and skiing through the water while swinging on a grapevine (word to the wise: make sure it's a live grapevine, not one that's been dead for several years!).
Thanks for posting these great pictures with your beautiful narrative. : )

Amanda O said...

Precious. So glad you ALL are having fun being kids again =)

Chris and I are working on that too! lol Love you guys!!

P.S. Thanks so much for posting this.

sarah beth said...

this is random and unrelated but how do you get the borders around your pictures? :)

Kate said...

You know Sarah, I think it's just the Blogger template that I'm using... (It does it automatically.) I'm sure there's a way to see it in the html, but I haven't tried that yet. :)

M. R. Pursselley said...

Regarding Sarah's question: I think there's a feature in the Design menu on Blogger--go to 'Design', click on 'Advanced', I think, and then there should be a bunch of menus with colors to choose from for different things. I'm pretty sure all pictures posted in Blogger have borders around them, it's just that most of the time they're the same color as the background so they don't show up. I hope I got this right and it works for you!

Kristina said...

Have tons of fun with them!!!

The creek at our old house remains one of my absolute favorite spots on earth and always will be. It was so special to see it again this week. Soooo many memories :)

Perfectly said.....


Rachel Noel said...

I recently got to have a family with five kids come stay the weekend with us. Lots of kids. Lots of fun.

Abby Rogers said...

I love these photos! And what a sweet post....

I discovered you through "Seeker of Truth". Feel free to check out my blogs at




<3 Abigail

essiejane said...

Oh, these are precious pictures, Kate! HOW cuuuute. I love how she's holding the kitty. =)
Have fun being a kid again... =D