June 14, 2011

a Girl and a Kitty

a little girl I know discovered a wonderful thing;
a fuzzy, friendly, orange ball of fluffiness.

Who needs a baby doll when you've got one of these?

Our little Squirrely cat has been waiting all of his life
for a little girl like this one...

I know it looks sort of painful,
but trust me on this one.

He's eating it up.

Sometimes I wonder if God didn't create happy
orange kitties just for the sake of little girls.

There's something about a teddy bear that 
purrs back at you.

They helped make my girlhood a happy thing,
and I think my niece would agree -
they're pretty amazingly wonderful.

Even if you're just five years old,
there's a little mother in you.

And every once in awhile,
you just need something cuddly to lug around.
Something that loves you back.

Something that's not too breakable. 

That's why I think little girls and orange kitties are
a match made in heaven.

When God made the world;
He thought of everything.


sarah beth said...

This is so sweet. And, you're right Kate, girls do want to be mama's. You don't need to tell them, it just comes. I have loved all the orange kitties in my life, especially the one who would let my 2 year old cousin lug him around. :)

Amanda said...

I just can't even explain how adorable....and how hilarious all of these pictures were!!! We thoroughly enjoyed them ALL!! lol It almost makes us want a cat here!!! ;) They truly do look like a match made in heaven!

Hannah Mendenhall said...

They are both adorable! Has your sister thought about moving to Indiana ; )

Rachel Noel said...

Aww. That is so cute! We never had a cat tame enough to be carried around like that, so instead we have an orange-ish dog that caries the kids around. Similar warm fuzzy effect for the kids I think. Thanks for sharing these sweet pictures with us.

Anonymous said...

That is too cute! Thanks for sharing!


Melissa M. said...

LOVE those pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

So PRECIOUS. I want her dress....and I want to be a little girl again :(