June 26, 2010

a hissy fit

Please witness the amazing effect our dear Spencer has
on this poor little gray cat.

Nickle really is a sweetie most of the time;
but not when Spencer is goofing off and acting spastic.
She hates that.

Sorry, you missed the part where she howled and jumped
on his head... I felt that I had to intervene at that point.
Spencer thought it was hilarious.
Silly dog.


Miss Breezy said...

Oh, this is just laugh-out-loud hilarious! (I have to type that all out because "LOL" just doesn't cut it.)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Lol! I remember Nickle! (I think,if it's the same one...)

Kate said...

Yep. It's the same Nickle!! :)

Jo Bekah Photography said...

I love this! :) Great pictures, I enjoyed looking at all of the ones on your blog! You have a great eye for photography. I can't wait to see more!
(oh, I sent you an email! :)

Jill said...

Spunkabitty displayed a similar reaction to the neighbors' dog this morning. It is really funny when they make themselves look so dangerous all of a sudden. I think I'd like to meet Spencer. He seems like an amusing little dog.


Kate said...

He truly is... :)