June 15, 2010

Favorite Frances Memories

Brace yourself.

We loved having little Frances,
but life has just been too hectic around here to include
a happy (needy) little sheep in a diaper.
Sweet little Frances found a new family over the weekend;
A really good family.
She's happy, and well taken care of -
but we still miss her,

and I'm guessing you will too.

So, I might still have to sneak in a Frances photo
now and then, just because;
but for now -
I just feel like listing my favorite
moments with our 2010 bottle lamb.
Here they are:

My six favorite memories -
from my six days with Frances.

1. Frances getting the mail with Dad.

2. Giving Frances her bottle.
(Every four hours, day and night.)

3. Working at the computer with company at my feet.

4. Telling Spencer to please leave the sheep alone.
(He really liked the sheep,
and was very jealous of the sheep,
both good reasons to ruin photos.)
(Good job with this one by the way Spence. :)

5. Changing that cute little diaper.
(Okay, maybe not.)
(She was worth it though.)

6. Watching the sunrise together.
(The literal highlight of those early morning feedings.)

I miss you Frances!


Hannah Mendenhall said...

That was precious Kate : ) Are her knew owners close enough for you to occasional visit?

Kate said...

Well not exactly - but who knows? Maybe someday we'll see her again. :)

Miss Breezy said...

What a sweet lambie. Frances looks like a real sweetheart. ♥ Wish I could have met her, but I'm almost sure there will be others to meet. ;-)

Kate said...

Oh Breezy, more? Please say you didn't mean that. ;)

Tarissa said...

Oh, sweet little Frances! She was so pretty and I will miss seeing her pictures. :D She is a cute little sheep.

God Bless,
~ Tarissa

Eric and Hannah Avery said...

She is so cute! What pretty markings! I have raised little lambs too, and its a lot of work, but rewarding!