June 9, 2010

A sheep in a diaper

Yeah, you read that right.
This is Frances.
And she's our latest sheep in a diaper.

It all started Monday afternoon.
I thought my mind was playing tricks on me.
I was out in the strawberry patch,
and I kept hearing a baby lamb.
After so many years, you get to know the differences
between sheep cries, and there's nothing that sounds
quite like a baby sheep.

It didn't take us long to find the screaming baby,
the challenge became identifying her mom...
Sheep are really good at looking clueless and innocent -
and none of them had any idea who she belonged to...

We searched, but found no evidence of guilt,
though something was definitely up.
Lambs don't drop from the sky.

After a half-hour of searching and praying,
we found Samantha in the back 20 acre pasture.
She was very calmly sitting with a second lamb.
Excited and relieved, I reunited baby with her mom.
And Samantha made it clear she didn't want the baby...
Samantha always has singles,
and they are always white.
I'm guessing she didn't know what to do about this
little black and white extra one.
So, I named the white one Freida.
(It made me laugh okay? :)
And Frances came home with me.

Dirty, bedraggled, she takes a nap in her basket.

After a quick bath and a run for lamb formula,
we've begun settling into life with a lamb in the house once more.

She likes finding strange things to nap on.

And climbing like a monkey.

And she goes everywhere Spencer goes.
They're pretty good friends.

Anybody interested in a sheep adoption?... :)


Hannah Rebekah said...

Do you live on a farm? I have always wanted to live on a fram.

-Hannah Rebekah

Kate said...

Yes, I do - and it is wonderful - but it is quite the commitment. They keep us pretty busy!
Thanks for stopping by and following Hannah!