June 7, 2010

off on a wild cow chase...

It's kind of ironic how timing works.
I promised a return to the classic material this week,
and without fail - the cows delivered.

Huck (the dog) was going off like an alarm clock
first thing this morning;
but it was Mom's exclamatory remarks after seeing
this out the front window -
that finally roused me.

Two cows. Loose. Across the Street. Munching on Corn.
And they're our cows.

Mom went for some hay to bargain with,
(the equivalent of graham crackers to these cows)
meanwhile searching for missing cow #3.

(Despite the excellent name suggestions -
[thanks Breezy:)] we can't seem to make anything
stick... At the moment they seem to be
Maisy, Mosey, and "the Big One"...)

Here we spotted Maisy (#3) making her way through
the orchard...

Take my advice.
If you have a cow;
tame your cow...

This advice we did not heed.
I guess we thought we were too seasoned
for cow taming this time around.
But if you and the cow have an understanding;
chances of catching said cow -
go up exponentially.

I managed to lure Maisy back in her confines
with the assistance of a little hay;
but I made a few laps around a rather large pasture
in pursuit of the boys...
(No, I didn't take pictures of that,
but I'm sure you would have enjoyed it.)
We will have to do some explaining to the neighbors
about the hoof shaped divots in their yard.
(They also tasted the lilies, and
missed trampling their garden by inches...)
Mom tried heading them off with some hay,
but that just wasn't working with these two.

Meanwhile, Maisy managed to re-escape;
(which I decided to be grateful for -
she very unwittingly gave their method away.)

So, Mom broke out the big guns.

Powdered Cow Minerals.

(Gummy bear vitamins to a cow's mind.)

That did the trick.

A cow can only take so much frolicking through the
neighbor's flower beds for one day.

And who can say no to gummy bear vitamins?
(or at least the equivalent thereof.)

Stay tuned - when it rains it pours, and as of this afternoon we have a very unexpected little
visitor... She will be making her blog debut in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Haha. :D

Kelsey said...

Never a dull moment at your house, is there?
I am in amazement how you manage to take pictures even while the mayhem is happening...

Kate said...

With years of "mayhem experience" I guess we don't panic like we used to. :) So now my first thought is: "this is going to be funny - grab the camera." That perspective does lighten the situation, but I'll admit to possibly endangering my camera at times...

Laura said...

Good Morning, Miss Kate,
Okay, you've convinced me...I think we'll stick with minature goats...I can't imagine chasing cows this size through the Maine woods!
Mrs. Laura

Jill said...

When the grass inside the paddocks is poor and the grass on the outside is lush and green, we will turn the horses loose to enjoy it. Then we occasionally have a similar experience to the one you descibe. They get the urge to become wild mustangs, and off they go.

Our neighbors have gotten used to it by now.

I enjoyed your tale of cow adventure.


Caleb said...

Thanks for the reminder of what I left behind on the farm! This seemed to happen almost every day...
Your blog is a nice way to be able to think of home and Indiana while I am away.