June 12, 2010

More Frances...

She has to be the best little lambie there ever was.

She sleeps through the night,
and comes when she's called;
and she's yet to discover jumping on the couch...

She likes chasing Spencer around the house,
tap dancing on the kitchen floor,
and being sassy -
(in her own sweet adorable little way.)

Everybody needs a be-diapered sheep in the house;
at least once.


Mary Hawkins said...

I've showed all of your Frances pictures to my little sister, and she wanted me to tell you that she loved them. She's also offered to adopt Frances, but please bear in mind that that offer has not yet been presented to the board of parents ; ) Little Sis thinks that Frances would be the perfect playmate for her other two lambs, Senor Robert and Betsy.
Thanks for always posting such great pictures!

Hannah said...

Hello, Kate!

Mom recently found your blog, and I've just spent a very enjoyable half hour or so reading it. Love all the pictures, and many of your posts have made me laugh.

May I link to you from my blog?


~Hannah M

Kate said...

Mary -I'm glad you and your sister have enjoyed the pictures - they sure have been fun to take. :)

And Hi Hannah! I'm so glad that you have enjoyed your visit! Feel free to link - and thank you for doing so!! :)

Anonymous said...

The cuteness is unbearable!

Jill said...

What a cutie!!

I would take her... but I think Louisiana is too far away. Besides, Daddy wouldn't be too happy with a sheep in the house.

Love the pictures!


Hannah said...

@Kate: Great, thanks!