June 17, 2010

Barn Swallows

Dad called me out to the barn a few days ago,
to take a look at these little beauties
suspended from our barn roof
in their little mud-daubed cradle-nest.

It appears to be already getting somewhat small for them,
what do you think?

They were just quietly sitting there,
waiting for mom and dad to bring them some dinner.
Pretending that the gawking humans below
couldn't really see them.

Sorry guys,
it's kind of hard to hide with a mouth like that.

Their parents meanwhile were having conniption fits.
(The screaming/dive-bombing kind.)
They really didn't appreciate us admiring their kids.

I can't wait for these little guys to grow up and get
busy on our mosquito population.

We could use some help with that about now...


Anonymous said...

Seeing those Barn Swallows made my day!

Brewer Family said...

They are so nice to have around. I enjoy watching ours fly so close to the ground... definitely fascinating birds!!
Oh, and by the way Frances is the most loved and adorable sheep I have ever seen. :)


Jill said...

I sure like your barn swallow pictures. We have a pair that build their nest on our front porch every summer. They always announce the arrival of our cats.