January 7, 2011

Foxanne Friday

We are blessed;
for many a reason that I could easily point at,
but at the moment I'm focused on the blessing of 
a sweet little Fox Terrier, named Spencer.

As you might remember, we found him a new little friend 
recently - a stuffed toy named Foxanne.

After about a month with her,
we've learned to find one, by looking for the other -
the two are never far apart...

Spencer has some odd napping patterns...
Mom especially is grieved by the way he seems to attempt
to find the forbidden objects to put his little head on;
like her special afghan for instance...
 (He wasn't sleeping so peacefully for long...)

He's slowly figuring out that Foxanne makes a nice pillow too;
and the repercussions from mom are considerably lessened...

Sometimes Spencer sneaks Foxanne outside;
something that he knows he shouldn't do.
One day, he forgot her in the snow - 
and when he found her again, she was pretty waterlogged.
We were just a little surprised to see her perched next to the
wood stove not long afterwards.
Especially since none of us humans had put her there...

Spencer is such a sweet, silly, smart little guy.
We really never know what he'll come up with next.

Like a few days ago, when I found him sunning like this...

Maybe the box reflected the heat nicely, or maybe it just happened
to be exactly his size.
My guess is he was just pretending to be a Boxer.

I told you he was smart;
and this is how smart..

The cutest moment yet this past week,
had to be the day we found a rather dirty and bedraggled 
Foxanne in the laundry pile;
and nobody seemed to know how she got there.
Well, evidently we didn't get around to cleaning her up as 
quickly as somebody would have liked...
and the next day, we found her in his water bowl.


Needless to say, 
Foxanne has been washed now;
and is almost back to her initial glory.

Ready to show us what else Spencer seems to know.


Christina said...

Very cute!!! :D

Brewer Family said...

My, I didn't know dogs came that smart. Is he a pure bred?

Andrea said...

Too funny! Thank you for a good laugh! You have a very smart dog there!

Kate said...

Well, we were told that he is purebred...but we're really not so sure now. :) I'd say he's mostly Fox Terrier. (He ended up a little bigger than he was supposed to be.)

Amanda said...

This is adorable!!!! =D

Christianna said...

Ahh, so smart, so cute! I'm just about ready for another dog myself...yesterday. =)

Melissa M. said...

:) That is a cute post!

And I have to say, your art is fantastic!!! (J.E.B. Stuart and the Milkmaid)...I hope you are selling some of your work! Or teaching lessons. :)