January 10, 2011

God's Gift

Receiving a free Great Pyrenees isn't an experience 
that many people are blessed to have;
and we were keenly aware of that when we brought our special
big polar bear of a dog "Haggai" home several years back.

We were even more aware, and painfully so, when we found
him on the side of the road this past July. 
Gifts like Haggai only come once in a lifetime.

Or do they.

Saturday, we were blessed to bring home the second
free Great Pyrenees of our sheep raising career.
I suspect he's part Lab, he's not as furry, and has a few tan places,
but that sheep dog is in him, we can see it grinning back at us.

We're calling him Barclay at the moment; (pronounced Barkley) -
I guess only time will tell how well the name sticks.
He's an adorable seven-month-old bundle of gigantic-puppy fun.

Too much fun for head-honcho Huck...
(Huck's neck-fur gave him a standing ovation...)

Upon meeting Huck, he furrowed his brow, buttoned
his goofy ears up on the very top of his head, tongue flopping freely,
and then danced on Huck's shadow - all around the driveway.
Huck was not at all amused.
On the contrary; I took it that he was pretty disgusted.

After meeting Buster and Huck,
Dad took Barclay on a tour of his new assignment.

The "Big One" stared shamelessly.

The sheep also gawked without apology,
but only after spunky young Barclay chased them around the paddock;
so I guess we can't really blame them for that.
Dad had a word with Barclay about chasing sheep;
and he's now working on conquering the urge.

Perhaps Barclay's most memorable moment of coming home,
was meeting a high-strung little terrier guy.
I guess it's true that we haven't acquired any new dogs for quite awhile,
 but Spencer's reaction was still a little startling.

(Here's Barclay risking a peek to see where the 
other-worldly yodeling was coming from.)

It took us a moment's cogitation to be certain that the evil racket 
was really, truly, coming from our sweet little teddy bear of a Spencer.
You'd be surprised how quickly the guy can go from our 
smiley, stub-wagging, Foxanne-toting, little sweetheart;
to a fierce monster, with a convincing "junk-yard-dog"
 bellow that chills 'possum hearts.
He's definitely a dog's dog.
But that was no way to greet a friend like Barclay.

We're all still in a bit of a process of helping Barclay find
his spot here with us; but we're so thrilled to have him.

And hopeful that this baby-face with the wrinkly-brow and 
button-up ears will soon grow to be as faithful a guardian as 
the dog whose place he's attempting to take.


Jill said...

That is exciting! He is so cute, and I imagine you will enjoy having him around.

Christianna said...

Wow! what a big dog! And he's not even full-grown yet? I think I heard that even at two years they still have some filling out to do. He does look like he probably has some lab in him. So sweet.

Hannah Mendenhall said...

Yay! He's so cute!

Anonymous said...

Aww!!! He's adorable!! :)

Kelsey said...

He looks so noble in that last picture. :)

Shelby Mary said...

Kate, Wow! I just looked through some of your paintings. They are fantastic! God has really gifted you in that area. You should post some more picutres of your art...it is phenomenal! :)