January 17, 2011

adventures in repurposing...

It's been a little quiet around here I noticed...
so I thought I would show you something that I've been up to.

In the process of emptying our old house, I came across
 this antique picnic basket.

It's rather on the large side, and takes up a lot of space,
and frankly, we just don't go on that caliber of picnics as often
as owning such a basket would suggest.
It was suggested that we part ways with said picnic basket;
until I had an idea.

I happen to own a plethora of knitting needles,
(which get excessive use)
and as you might have noticed if you have some too -
they are somewhat bothersome to store at times.

Enter the picnic basket...
which happened to already boast a handy little
elastic strip across the lid - for storing picnic utensils I suppose;
(now perfect for needles)
and plenty of room for yarn and projects too.

So the basket lives on.


Sarah Mendenhall said...

What a great idea Kate! I love finding new uses for old things. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! And great photos too! :)

Tarissa said...

Such a cute ol' picnic basket! Looks like the perfect spot for some knitting needles.