November 20, 2010

cloudy days

I've been going through photos I took during my trip
to Texas last month - and frankly,
there are just a few that have absolutely nothing to do
with anything that I might post about right now.

But they are burning a hole in my hard drive.

So I figured I might as well just share them...

I'm assuming that you all have figured out by now that
cold weather isn't exactly my cup of tea.

Actually, I don't care for it - even a little bit.
I dread it; a lot.

So, on a particularly cold and dreary November day
like this one...
I've cheered myself with these sunny photos.

And they got me thinking.

I can't tell you how many friends, (um, and family too....)
have made a bizarre statement to me lately.
Each living in an insanely unfair amount of gorgeous
never-ending sunshine...
has come to the conclusion, that after so many
days upon cloudless days,
they actually look forward to some rain every now and then.

How crazy is that?

But as a human, I know it's true.
If it's always sunny, we don't appreciate it -
(kind of like if it always rains - we don't appreciate it...)

Sometimes we just need those dark days,
to remind us how incredible sunshine truly is.

It's true for the rest of life too.
If it weren't for those awful bad days,
life would be as flat as a Midwestern corn field.
I need those valley days to appreciate the peaks.

And I might even need Winter
to rejoice when Spring comes again.

So, I'm learning to be thankful for life's cloudy days.
Sorrows in life only serve to make us deeper,
and our joys sweeter.
They make us stop and count our blessings.
They keep our hearts tender toward a hurting world.

Yes, God in His Wisdom made things that way.

Am I thankful for the Cold aspect?
Eh; still working on that.


Hannah Mendenhall said...


A very true perspective and reality of life. My Mom grew up in SoCal and still has friends who live there. They love the few "cozy" rainy cold days.

The third picture down, of the field, is beautiful. The lighting is just right it's almost unreal.

Many Blessings,

Andrea said...

My California friends are always telling me how they love rainy days!

I have to confess when I was growing up in almost constant sunshine, I took it very much for granted.

Thank you for offering some sunshine on this gloomy day!

Now, a good thunderstorm is a different story. I've grown to enjoy them very much :)

Blessings~Mrs. Mendenhall

Kate said... feelings on thunderstorms are definitely not the same as just plain old rainy days. Love thunderstorms! :)

Laura Lee said...



Annie said...

Wow! Beautiful, beautiful photos! =) Thanks for sharing.
Rainy days are not exactly my cup of tea either - they are so dismal and dreary - but I do love thunderstorms! =)

Jill said...

Well, from my Louisiana perspective, I have to admit that I like rainy days. If I didn't, I'd end up unhappy a lot, since we get a lot of drizzly, rainy days here. And I long for cold weather, too! It is just so hot during the summer that the winter is refreshing to me.

Proof of LA's odd weather: it is hot and humid here today. Never mind that it is near the end of November!

I have not had a chance to do a post yet, but we got a new horse today. I can't wait to tell you all about her.

Kate said...

Case in point Jill ;) Can't wait to hear about the new horse!!

Melissa M. said...

Lovely thoughts and photos, Kate! :)