November 8, 2010

Back to the mayhem

Almost as if I needed cheering up in the midst of
November's rude arrival -
we had a visit from the sun today,
and a couple heart-warming newcomers.

It won't be long into this post that you start wondering
if I missed photographing sheep...
Well; maybe a little.

Bear with me...

My little once-upon-a-time teeny-tiny bottle lamb,
and dear sheep friend, Galey, surprised us again.

Typically, November is a little less than an ideal month
to be having lambs...

But Galey couldn't have picked a more gorgeous day.

Galey prepares to introduce the flock to its newest members.

And now, for the little munchkins themselves...

They look like little fuzzy mugs of cocoa...with marshmallows on top.

At least I thought so...

I suppose that's enough over-exposed photos of sheep for now.

Welcome back to the mayhem.


Laura said...

Good Morning Miss Kste!
Welcome looks like you had a fabulous trip! It is always so nice to be able to visit other places and spend time with special people.

I love the pictures of your new lambs...what a wonderful surprise for you. Hope all is going well in your "new" must be close to finished by now.

Have a blessed day,
Mrs. Laura

Hannah Mendenhall said...

They are precious!

Tarissa said...

Hi Kate!

More sheep! How exciting--I'm glad you were there to snag a few pictures of the momma and the new babies. They are such cute, fuzzy little darlings.

Looking forward to hearing about more mayhem...
~ Tarissa

Anonymous said...

so glad you're back! love the babies & mama.

Kelsey said...

Kate, these are adorable. I for one don't get sick of pictures of sheep, especially when they are as cute and friendly-looking as yours. (And you do such a great job capturing them!)

Kelsey :o)

Jessica said...

They are *so* cute!!! :D