July 23, 2010

My Camera Endorsement

Since beginning this blog back in January,
I've received several very sweet comments regarding
my photography, and even a few questions about my camera.
Since I do have strong feelings regarding the subject,
I think that it is finally time to introduce you to my camera.

I am unfortunately a young woman of too many interests,
and not nearly enough time to devote to each.
So, needing to prioritize, I decided that I just simply didn't
have room on my hat-rack for that of a "photographer."
I wanted something simple that could accurately capture
the beauty around me, with minimum hassle.
I couldn't visualize myself dragging a heavy bag of lenses around,
and hoped I wouldn't have to...
I did my homework,
and was so thankful to discover the
wide-angle compact camera...

I decided upon this model seven months ago,
and feel the same way now about my decision as the day
I brought it home.

Thrilled. Very Thrilled.
And here she is - the Nikon CoolPix P90.

I momentarily considered a similar style through Canon,
but the ultimate deciding factor there was that the
Nikon's battery was rechargeable, and the Canon's was not.
(Stressed as - very important...)

I'm cowering in shame,
but I have to admit that most of my photos are simply
taken on the automatic setting...
It's so easy, it's embarrassing.
Great color, great aperture look.
The key seems to be the wide-angle lens,
which allows it to get macro shots,
and panoramic shots,
all without changing lenses...
Now, if you're planning on photographing weddings,
and getting jobs with it - this isn't your camera,
and SLRs are still scientifically proven to be better,
but for those of you who simply wish for decent
shots from your every day moments,
I can't stop recommending it. :)
Brand new - they are under $400.00, which is
considerably cheaper than most SLRs.

And that is the confession of a photographer who
is not a photographer...
In seven months,
my P90 has captured landscapes, seascapes,
sunrises, sunsets, food, portraits, and
speeding objects of all sorts.
(ie: Spencer.)

I'd say it's a keeper.

P90 and I at a recent visit to the yarn shop...
Less time changing lenses means more time for knitting! :)


Sarah Elizabeth said...

So,you're a Nikon girl... haha!
As much as I love Canons,that does look like a very nice camera. And 24x zoom,WOW!Love that last photo by the way... :-)

Jo Bekah Photography said...

YES! It's a NIKON!

Hannah Mendenhall said...

What a nice introduction! Although I already met your camera : ), it was a please to get to know it better, as well as how you came to purchase it.

Jill said...

I like the camera! I have been considering purchasing a camera for myself, so maybe I will get that model. I like your picture in the mirror. :)


sarah beth said...

what an adorable post!

Kristina said...

Ah ha.....you carry a Nikon :)

Let me warn you that down here the Canon vs. Nikon debate is right behind the PC vs. Mac argument and the Civil War war :) All of which have been banned from our house at one time or another ;)


Tarissa said...

Oh! I see this is an old post of yours... well.. a month ago. But I had to drop a note here.

My grandparents have this same exact camera! They've been on a mission trip in Africa for the last few months and have been able to share some amazing pictures with us. Pretty neat!