July 2, 2010

having a hay day

We've had some hay-baling going on around here.

It's about time.
We've had so much rain this year;
we're a little behind schedule.
I like to look at it with the perspective that the
baby red-winged black birds had plenty of time
to grow up, and leave their nests.
It's one of the saddest days of Summer to see
momma and daddy birds looking for their babies
that disappeared under the hay cutter.

I'm happy that wasn't this year;
but I'm keeping that sentiment to myself.
Men don't always think that way...


We're pretty grateful for our handy hay elevator.
I remember back when Dad had to throw each
bale up to the loft by hand.
Now, Joe puts it on off the wagon...

and Dad receives it at the top to stack.
That dusty old hayloft brings back the memories...
Hide-and-seek, newborn kittens, cobwebs, and clover smells.

I somehow got out of helping this time;
I weeded my ginormous corn patch instead...
The green beans are starting to twine their way around
the corn stalks
and we're ready to plant the third sister -
some pumpkins and squash.
But I have to get those pesky weeds out first.

Ever heard of the corn needing to be
knee-high by the fourth of July?

We're ahead of schedule.

This is just a portion of the weeds that I removed today.
If you're not impressed...

Huck was.
(can't you tell?)

And then he got tired just thinking about it.


Kelsey said...

wow, I am definately impressed by your weed pile! Go you!
I love the lighting on those first pictures...my favorite time of day. :)
And I rejoice with you, fellow animal-lover, about the baby birds. Guys just aren't as "soft" about those things are they?

Jo Bekah Photography said...

Ah yes, many memories of playing hide and seek in the hayloft...we seemed so young then! I guess we were. :)
Love the pictures!

Caleb said...

Wow, I miss living on the farm, and Indiana in the summer! I'll have to come and help you next time you bale hay!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Love these!