July 26, 2010

yesterday's forgotten tea set

At least it seems like yesterday,
when Mom took me shopping on my birthday -
to a quaint little nearby town,
in search of the perfect miniature tea set.
A little girl necessity.

But eleven years ago is probably more accurate.

I hosted a tea party at the kitchen table
about once a week after that,
complete with formal invitations and a mob cap.

I used it,
chipped it,
polished and re-arranged it.
It was my everyday girlhood luxury.

Until the day came when bigger tea cups suddenly
seemed much more practical.

The tea set has made its abode in a drawer ever since.

Until this morning,
when my four year old visiting niece asked:

"Do you have a tea set Kate?"


Jo Bekah Photography said...

So sweet!

Kelsey said...


I too have been asked that question by a a tiny Lady-in-waiting...and she asked it with complete confidence that my answer would of course be yes. :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Really really cute...I love that old photo of you!

Kristina said...

Awwww....how adorable.

I love being an Aunt :)


Miss Breezy said...

Oh, how precious! And well written, too, dear friend. ♥

Amanda said...

That is just precious Kate...so beautiful!!! I know she loved playing with it, thanks for sharing and making a special memory!!