February 17, 2010

The lambie dears

Our little barnyard has been blessed with the most bountiful flock of sweetness yet.

Almost too much sweetness. If that were possible.

They're everywhere out there;

And so adorably precious: that it hurts.

A warm and fuzzy little heartache; twenty times multiplied.

Yep. We're at twenty lambs now.
And still counting.


Kelsey said...

you're right, Kate--they are so cute it almost hurts.
Do you ever go out and "frolic" with them? Does that question show how little I know about sheep? :)

Thanks for making my day a bit [warm] fuzzier...
Kelsey :o)

Kate said...

Hi Kelsey!
As it is, they're all going through their little stage where I'm the 'scary lady' with the camera - and it's their job to run away and act sassy about it. They do love to 'frolic' though. It seems that every lamb is born with an urge to dance and be silly. They're entertaining to watch - and I'm sure I'd out there more if it weren't quite so cold!
Kate :)

Amanda said...

So precious Kate!!!

Sara said...

Just too cute!!

Kyleigh said...

I want a lamb now. :) (but I think that I've wanted one for a long while. There was a historical village near our house that we'd go to often in the spring and see the lambs. :)