February 23, 2010


Just a little over one year ago; on a cold blustery January night; when the snow was deep, and the temperature was 14 below... Our sheep Amelia had triplets. Two big boys, and an absolutely teensy little girl - so small, I could easily pick her up with one hand. (She was about eight inches long, and just a couple pounds.) Too tiny to survive the extreme temperatures - she ended up coming to live in the house with us... For a month.
We named her Amberina.

That was quite the month. Changing her diapers, feeding her bottles around the clock, and keeping her out of mischief. Due to her feeding schedule - and need for constant supervision - she went everywhere we went... Including church. As you can see from the photo - her favorite spot was next to the wood stove with her friend (the stuffed goat "Erasmus"). We have had Erasmus for awhile - but decided Amberina could have him - in the hopes that he would remind her of her brothers and keep her company. She usually liked Erasmus pretty well - but one night, she would not go to sleep - and kept jumping around her cardboard box and being extremely silly. Thinking she was just being hyper as usual - I reached into her box - made her lay down - and snuggled Erasmus up next to her. Immediately, in the darkness there was a quick flash of eery blue light coming from her box. At that point I was almost as disturbed as Amberina, knowing that neither of them should be glowing blue... Reaching into the box again, I felt the crackle of static electricity. Evidently the combination of Erasmus and Amberina's wooliness was causing some 'shocking' results.
She was basically done with Erasmus after that.

Amberina's all grown up now. Considering her confusing lambhood - she's turned out to be a very happy, well-adjusted little sheep.
(Which isn't always the case for bottle lambs.)

Last night Amberina passed another milestone. She's a momma now.

I can't tell you how proud we are to see what a good momma she is. We'd always wondered if she would be able to do it - since she never really had a mom herself - but she surprised us.
She loves the little guy so much.

And we are so thankful.
Second generation bottle lambs are not our idea of a good time.

(We named him "Erasmus")...


Kelsey said...

oh my goodness, that top picture would put a smile on my face anytime anywhere! SOOO cute! I love how sheep look like they're smiling all the time. :) Thanks for brightening my day Kate!

<3, Kelsey

Jill said...

What a story. I think it would be fun to have a lamb in the house. The only animal I ever bottle-fed and raised like that was a little black kitten. That was a special experience. I'm glad that Erasmus has a good mama.


Amanda said...

So precious.....awesome story Kate :)

Sara said...

You made me smile, cry and laugh in succession with this story. :) Too sweet!