February 9, 2010

another one...

I think lambing is contagious.

As of thirty minutes ago...we have ten little sheepers total.

We're calling this one Hayden.

I went out there to help Tasha (his momma) dry him off and get him on his feet. It was cold; but I really wouldn't have minded all that much - if it weren't for the cat perched on my shoulder. Not helpful.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Miss Kate!

Your sheep are so adorable! You must love having them around. I remember reading that you said that they shed their wool...are you able to use it to spin yarn?

I was also wondering if you had any goats on your little farm. We are looking into some dairy goats and wondered how they interact with sheep.

Have a wonderful day!
God bless,

Miss Breezy said...

Oh wow! Sounds like you and the mommas have been busy and blessed!

Lambs are so adorable. :) I hope they keep healthy and warm. Give them a little pat for me.


Amanda said...

What another awesome reminder of how precious our God is! They're so beautiful! And the cat's funny too....you're more tolerant then me. lol

Kate said...

Mrs. Laura,
Our sheep are "hair sheep" so their wool is quite a bit coarser than regular wool - too coarse to do much of anything with.

As far as goats... We had dairy goats for 12 years - and just sold the last two a few months ago. I'll probably write a post about my goats in the future - because I can't say enough good things about them. They're so sweet and dainty - and very intelligent. Nothing like the goat stereotypes that are out there. Goats get along with sheep pretty well - but they do tend to take advantage if the goats outnumber the sheep... For the most part - we didn't have many problems with the combination. I really miss them!

Seth Sutherland said...

I've been enjoying following your "farm posts". ;-) We used to have a lot of animals, but have since sold all of them. The ones I really liked were the Swedish Gotland ponies; they were so good-tempered. We even did that "organizational system" with them, although we never made it past "A"! LOL Anyway, sounds like you're having fun with the sheep right now! Our neighbors used to have sheep and it was always fun to see the day-old lambs try to stand beside their mothers, and then frisking about like they were being threatened by everything near them! They were so cute...