February 8, 2010

Our Polar Bear

I just captured some rare footage of our normally very camera-shy polar bear in residence.
He's our official guardian of sheep, chaser of bikes, and flee-er of cameras. Haggai.

Even though I'm on this guy's good side; I still don't like the idea of him coming after my bicycle. We really wouldn't allow him to do such a thing, it's just that sometimes he escapes. We thought about re-naming him Houdini. You'd be surprised what he can climb over or squeeze through.

He wouldn't ever purposely hurt anyone - he just knows how to make people scream. It's mainly his skill in the element of surprise. Isn't it hard to imagine that something so huge could be so sneaky? He's more likely to try to shake your hand than anything else, but the greatest danger is probably the risk of flying slobber. Now that is what I call a traumatic experience.

As a little side note:

Meet Drew. Our newest little lambie. He and his sister Damaris arrived early Sunday morning. They needed names that started with "D" (due to my odd sheep organizational system) so I just couldn't resist naming him Drew. (Might make more sense to fans of football...) (We definitely aren't going to be sore losers...)


Kelsey said...

Oh, Haggai is SO adorable.
I love big dogs...He has such huggable fluffiness and a lovable face, even if the flying slobber would gross me out just a little. :)
And I love the term "Sheep Organizational System." Cute.
Kelsey :o)

Jill said...

Is Haggai a Great Pyrenees? He looks so sweet. Some friends of ours had a Great Pyrenees dog, but he was hit by a car and killed a few weeks ago. His name was Poley Bear, and he was the gentlest, sweetest dog. Your dog reminds me of him.

Kate said...

Yes, he's a Great Pyrenees - and he really is a sweet and gentle dog. That's so sad about "Poley Bear". :(

Amanda said...

I like Haggai!! He's precious! And Drew is pretty adorable too....despite the name...lol.

Sara said...

This photography is gorgeous! Some friends of ours had a Great Pyr to guard their goats - that dog was frightening!! (And I love big dogs.) He did his job well. :) Haggai's face is priceless. <3 As is tiny Drew's!

Tarissa said...

Hi Kate,
I really enjoy your blog! I've been reading along for a while now--(I found you through Breezy). Your posts are always interesting, and I love the animal pictures.

Haggai is so adorable!! ... and he definitely looks like a polar bear! Sometimes, I call our own dog a polar bear (because she is white, fluffy, and sometimes very bear-like), but she is small compared to Haggai.

The picture you showed of the new lamb is also wonderful! I really like sheep (and lambs).

Anyways, I'm looking forward to more of your blog posts! I'll be checking back soon.
Have a blessed day,
~ Tarissa