February 6, 2010

A Birthday Tribute

On this date in 1833, James Ewell Brown Stuart was born in Virginia. He would become one of the greatest Southern Generals of the Civil War; and one of my heroes.

One year ago, I had decided that I wanted to attempt painting a portrait of a Civil War soldier; I wanted something dramatic that would look good over a fireplace mantel. At the same time, I wanted to honor a man with a godly legacy. I wanted a painting with meaning behind it. That's when I happened across the photo below. I haven't seen another Civil War era photo quite like this one. I love all of the detail you can see in it - everything from his sword, to his calvary boots. When I read a short little essay about General J.E.B. Stuart's life - I knew he was definitely the one to paint. He wasn't just a military genius, he was a godly man.

It took nearly a year... but my painting is finally finished. In time for Jeb's 177th birthday.

(If you've never read anything about Jeb Stuart, you should! The best biography I know of is by John W. Thomason.)

(By the way, in case you're wondering... I don't pick sides when it comes to the Civil War. I admire the "good guys" -north and south-.)


Anonymous said...

Wow! You're a wonderful painter, it looks just like him! :)

Kelsey said...

wow, you did a beautiful job! the colors are really vibrant and life-like. :)

Kyleigh said...

That's gorgeous, Kate! I don't know a whole lot about J.E.B. Stuart, but have read extensively about Stonewall Jackson - he was also a very godly man!
- Kyleigh

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Kate,

This is lovely! God has given you a wonderful gift. You should consider putting some of your artwork on etsy.com. By the way, I love your blogsite...especially all your "mayhem" critters.

God bless,

Brewer Family said...

That is such a beautiful picture!! I don't know much about him. You sure are a fantastic artist. Thanks for posting a picture of your artwork!
Have a great day!