March 17, 2011

Virginia; at last.

Ever since I discovered that my furthest back "traceable" ancestors,
(who happen to be the ones whose last name I share)
once came from England and settled in a place called Virginia -
I've had a dogged determination to find my way there one day.
It irritated me greatly, that despite many visits to NC, and even WV,
I was yet without reason to cross that state line.

Until this past week...

A trek over to North Carolina on our way to the 
Family Economics Conference in Raleigh required a short drive
through the thus far elusive state;
and I couldn't have been happier over something so simplistic.

It rained and rained as we drove that day,
but I didn't think it ironic at all to see the clouds part -
and the sun glint off the car window rain droplets as the 
Virginia state sign came into view.

So fitting.
And so ridiculously dramatic...

To add to the mental commotion,
Virginia brought my list of visited States to 30;
and seeing as I have a childhood goal of making it to
all 50 of them before I'm that many years old -
I find being 10 years ahead of schedule as something to celebrate.
(Please don't laugh... Trust me, I do have bigger goals in life...)

And also seeing as Dad and I have had quite the debate
over what exactly constitutes having been in a State...
(all those pesky hours spent in airports that don't count...)
having a picture with a sign was very much necessary.
(Though he has conceded that touching the ground with
my feet is enough to make it official.)

My short little drive-by glimpse of the land of
my forefathers only left me more determined than ever
to go back again...

What a beautiful, beautiful place.

But hey, at least I can finally say I've been there.
And even Dad has to agree.


Madeline Elizabeth said...

It looks gorgeous!

Mary P said...

Beautiful scenery. And hey--'ridiculously dramatic' is good sometimes : )
Maybe someday you'll get to do more exploring in Virginia and learning about your heritage there.

Anna Olivia said...

I love Virgina!!!! <3

Angel said...

Great pictures! Virginia, as well as West Virginia is where most of my ancestors settled too. And what a beautiful place they chose. :D

Have a wonderful day!

Sara said...

I had a similar - just let my feet touch the VA ground experience. :) There is a picture of 14 year old me w/ one foot in Kentucky and the other in Virginia. I've gotten much closer now - 2 vacations! But still haven't been to the area where my own ancestors lived... :/

Anonymous said...

My Grandpa is from VA and I went on vacation with he and my grandma once, and I got to see the house that they lived in as kids, where my great aunt was born, and the little church that my great grandparents went to. It was really cool. :)

Tarissa said...

Mmm! Loveliness. I would like to visit Virginia one day. I'll tell you that I can count with just my fingers the states I've been to...and it doesn't even require using all 10 fingers. On the other hand, (why am I talking about fingers & hands today?) I can proudly say that my mother *has* visited *all* 50 states. And I'm pretty sure she accomplished all that before she was even married. There is hope for you too!

Lydia said...

I have only been to 21 states. Mostly in the East. That means I have been to 1.5 states for every year of my life!