March 25, 2011

March Madness...

I've watched very few March basketball games thus far;
but I guess we can still say we've had our own share of madness...
There's a lot that needs to be caught up on around here;
I'll be getting to it all eventually - in the meantime,
here's a glimpse of my latest project.

Yep. I have 36 chickens; in my room.
Thankfully, they are confined to a rather large box.

They're happy little birds - and growing so fast.
I've been leaving classical music on during the night to see
what it does for their mental development... :)
(Just so you know, I'm not expecting much.)

Now, we're just looking forward to the return of Spring
so that they can move outdoors...

Poor Spence is going to miss them,
he would watch them through the side holes for hours...
I'm not exactly sure if it's just a general curiosity or something
 a little more malignant... 
We keep an eye on him just the same.

And that's update number one.
The other news hasn't been quite so fun;
and is much more difficult to write about -
it's coming soon though.


Sophia Merie said...

What does Pollyanna have to "say" about them?!

Kristina said...

Oh, Kate, I hope my guess about your "other news" is wrong.

Give Huck a hug for me.....

Praying for you,

Kate said...

Sophia... :) I actually had her in the same room with them for a few days and she was pretty frightened at first! :) And when she's scared she gets quiet! It was funny to see her in there watching them. :)

Kristina - your guess is probably right... I gave Huck your hug, he needs them right now - the poor old guy hasn't taken it very well so far... :( Thank you for the prayers!