March 30, 2011

Snow Babies...?

new life on the farm looked like this:

A little chilly, sure,
but the sun was shining.

new life on the farm looked like this:

(And they thought they were scheduled to be Spring lambs...)
(Um, yeah. Us too.)

I had marveled prematurely about my success in avoiding any 
snow lambing sessions this year...

Obviously, the ewes couldn't let me get away with that...
Congratulations ladies.
You nailed it.

And as to it snowing the last week in March...
I'm just going to stay inside now,
and pretend that none of it happened.


M. R. Pursselley said...

Aw, I miss the days of new little babies popping up everywhere this time of year. (Though for me they were goats, not sheep.)
But I agree with you whole-heartedly, Kate: it is time for it to stop being cold and get serious about being spring!

Sarah Mendenhall said...

I really have no desire to live on a farm. Ok, maybe I have a teensy desire to see what it might be like? But, those lambs are absolutely precious! I could see myself carrying one of them around like a baby. :)

Andrea said...

Babies bring joy to any situation :)

Kimberly said...

I know, it was ridiculous, I couldn't believe all the snow! I especially love the last photo and how you caught the snowflakes on the fur.

Christina said...

Oh my, the first two pictures are adorable!!! :) It's freezing here, but thankfully not snowing! I can't wait for the warmth to come. :)

Jo Bekah Photography said...

That is crazy Indiana weather for you! :) At least you got some neat pics out of the deal though. :D

Tarissa said...

How beautiful! (well, the lambs & ewes are--the weather is not so much beautiful) I guess those little Spring lambs will have to toughen up to endure the cold in their first few days of life. :~)

Lydia said...

The one ewe looked almost exactly like my brother's!