March 5, 2011


 It rained all day long;
and more rain is exactly what we don't seem to need...
It's on these cooped-up indoors days that I tend to get 
very retrospective - and going through some of my photos from our
family trip to Texas last week, I became even more so.

If you haven't noticed yet through reading my blog,
I absolutely love history, always have.
Especially the moments of great courage and bravery,
men willing to stand, and families willing to sacrifice.
An outlook that is needed so badly today;
more specifically in a spiritual sense.

So it was very special to get to go back to
the Alamo last week, especially in the middle of 
the 175th anniversary of the famous battle there.

We did the usual tour during the day, but then
were able to come back as dusk fell, for a special reenactment.
We definitely enjoyed seeing the characters in costume
and hearing the story told in such a dramatic way;
but my favorite part came afterwards.
The constant milling crowds were gone -
and it grew comparatively quiet.
It was easier to imagine the incessant cannon  fire,
 -one after another-
for almost two weeks straight.
(We were there on the anniversary of siege day three.)

We took the time to visualize the original boundaries of the 
fort, in an attempt to imagine how big it was -
how few the men were that defended it,
and how greatly out-numbered they found themselves.

As the sun rises tomorrow morning, it will be 175 years.

May we always remember the Alamo; and places like it.


Kristina said...

I love the Alamo at night! It is so peaceful and quiet in the midst of a big, bustling city.


Kimberly said...

I can't believe you got to go for the 175th! I've always wanted to see the Alamo.

There's something so special about that phrase "the line in the sand" right?

Anonymous said...

I got to see it for the first time, in February. It was really cool. :)