May 14, 2011

a visual explanation

I haven't been the best blogger of late,
because life has been keeping me busy.
I thought you all might enjoy a brief explanation,
in photo form.

Potatoes, Cabbage, and Sage. A happy trio.

First off, the garden.
A few short months ago, all that existed of our new
garden area were some sketches on paper, great ideas from friends,
 and lots of dreams in our heads. 

The whole process of building, filling, planting,
and general moving, transplanting, and landscaping -
has been a lot of hard work.
As we continue to shift the focal point off of our previous house
and begin arranging a new garden etc. based on our new home.

It's going to be completely worth it though.
I love being outside, so no complaints here! :)

Here's a little section of my herb garden that I just finished
building (using bricks from the 100 year old school house down
the road that is in the process of falling down.)
I'll have to get a photo of the whole area once it's finished.

Then there are always the animals.
You've seen the sheep plenty, but wow -
my little chickies have grown up since their last blog appearance.

One of our little meat birds. They grow so, so fast.
Those chickens have been quite the little project.
Moving them around, and keeping them confined is 
almost a full time job.
I'm trying to do a better job of keeping these tame,
(just less flighty and easier to manage.)
As a result of a long list of circumstances,
a bunch of them were loose and running around last night
just as it was starting to get dark.
(The cute little things don't like the dark, so most of 
them came running to me. :)
I finally had the last two in my arms and on their way
back to their house (running from mosquitoes)
and one crazy little hen bit me; and would not let go.
Since my arms were full of chickens, 
there wasn't much to be done about it.

Lovely little beak mark on my arm...

Makes me wonder if all of that taming and
classical music business did them any good at all... 
I'm feeling very betrayed at the moment.


That's about it for now.
The rain is taking a break around here,
and we're taking advantage.
I've been snapping pictures like crazy though,
so there are bound to be more posts soon.

Have a great weekend!


Rachel Noel said...

Your garden looks lovely! As a fellow small farmer I understand completely about how it takes up one's time. And I also am familiar with getting bit by birds, only it was the guinea that got me.
Thanks for the great pictures!

Amanda O said...

Kate, it's looking wonderful!! I can see how much hard work you all have invested! It's so much different than the layout you had before! Wish we could come and enjoy it with you all!!

Melissa M. said...

What a lovely and neat garden! I love the wooden sections. :) We have a garden this year, too, but it's sectioned off by metal paneling. Does the job, at least. :)
Great job on yours!

Ouch...but you have such a funny way of writing, so it's hard not to laugh.