May 18, 2010

fearsome potatoes

One would be surprised at what an unsupervised Winter
in the garage will do to a box of potatoes...

They literally take on a life of their own.

It goes without saying that I kept them above ground
a little longer than I should have.
But it's been raining...
We had just a short little window to get them planted.

Dad agreed; these things were pretty scary looking.

Kind of made us happy to bury them.

The dirt was so wet and heavy
that Dad dug the trenches for me this year.
It made me feel bad that I'd insisted on saving
quite so many of last year's potatoes...

Let's just say -
if the Lord chooses to bless them,
we won't be lacking in potatoes this Fall...


Laura said...

Good Morning, Miss Kate!
I love this post...we can so relate to your fearsome potatoes!!!
We've tripled our potato garden this year...I can't imagine how much we'll be digging up this fall!
Don't you just love gardens? I have a little greenhouse...and I get so excited when my seedlings start shooting up.
Hope you and your family have a blessed day!
Mrs. Laura

Laura Lee said...

WOW. Those were erm...interesting? Okay, just flat out scary looking. ;D Hope they come up this fall!