May 1, 2010

Moo Arrivals

Here's the first glance I got of our latest project.

We're back in the cow business.

We haven't had cows around here since the days of
Big Mac and Big Buford.
They were a pair of Holstein steers,
but they got really big and ornery,
and, well,
with names like Big Mac and Big Buford-
Let us just say they fulfilled their destiny...

But, as of this afternoon -
the cows are back.

This time we have three.
Two more young steers - and a little heifer.
The heifer's not really ours,
we're just doing the farmer a favor by
"calf sitting" her for a little while.

They're not named yet.
I'll get back with you on that...
Meanwhile -

Sheep. (The whole flock in one shot!)
They were pretty stunned by the cows' arrival.
Whenever we want to know where the cows are -
we just have to look where the sheep are looking;
they're keeping a sharp eye on those things...
(Imagine having thirty pairs of sheep eyes on you;
at all times...)

Haggai isn't real thrilled about the situation either...
He would not stop barking at them.
It's been awhile since he's seen a critter bigger than he is.

As for the cows;
they didn't seem bothered by these things.

They're pretty focused on the pasture at the moment.


Laura said...

Good Morning, Miss Kate!
What a project! We've been contemplating a minature cow for milking purposes...but as of yet, still just a dream. We need to clear some more trees for pasture first. Anyway, love to see your animal pictures. Have a wonderful day!
Mrs. Laura

Miss Breezy said...

Somehow names like Jezariah and Aholiab come to mind. I'm laughing hysterically in my mind, but seriously...

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I love cows! They are so cute!