May 10, 2010

Of Gardens and an adorable Pest

I've been catching up on the garden today.
It seems just yesterday there was a snow drift out there -
and all of the sudden there are daisies.
Daisies that are literally taking over the garden.

But that really doesn't bother me yet.

I picked our first strawberries of the year too -
a whopping total of six.
But there will be more soon.
A lot more...

So, I was busily hilling the potatoes - and attempting to
get an area ready for one of the varieties of green beans that
we are trying this year.

If it weren't for this little guy -
I would have been a lot more productive.

Problem number one:
He can't rationalize how on earth I can dig in the garden
all day; and then turn around him and scold him
for doing the same thing.

What a hypocrite I am.

He had a bad case of 'go fetch' on the brain today.
He kept throwing his basketball at me.
I tried ignoring him for awhile -
but I can only handle a dog sitting right where I'm
attempting to plant green beans for so long.
I tried telling him to go away;
but something about the garden makes him deaf;
He just kept staring at me.
So I threw it over the fence -
and he immediately tore right through the lettuce patch,
stomping the potatoes, barely grazing a tender
pepper plant.

Last week we had five pepper plants.

We're down to four now.

I covered my eyes as obliterated lettuce leaves
rained from the sky.

Three seconds later:
he was back.

Spencer is not healthy for gardens.

(Freshly hilled potato plants...)

Somehow the green beans managed to get planted;
and I decided to quit, before Spencer turned everything
into coleslaw.
Between him and the cats -
it's a wonder anything even bothers coming up around here.
We've got some hardy vegetables,
and thankfully,
we had a surplus of lettuce this year.

But as far as pepper plants go -
it looks like we'll be buying another one.


Laura said...

Good Morning, Miss Kate!
I have to admit...I'm jealous! Our strawberries are just beginning to flower, we have just begun planting our seed potatoes, and just about everything else is still in my little greenhouse. We had temps. in the low 30s last's amazing the difference in temps from where you are to where we are!
Hope you and your family have a wonderful day!
Mrs. Laura

Kyleigh said...

Ah, I'm so jealous. We don't have a garden here. We had a large, luscious garden filled with massive cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, beans, peppers, peas, herbs, pumpkins... and flowers, back in the states, where we had dirt instead of sand.
I tried to plant flowers here once, and they grew but never flowered.
Candace has had some success with pumpkins, but we planted them in March, and they blossomed and flourished for a month and a half, but now the heat is getting to them.

I wonder if maybe our cat thinks the same way as Spencer: she can't sit on the couch, yet we do.