April 28, 2010

a parrot attack...that ended well

We were in the midst of a peaceful lunch with friends;
when suddenly I heard the flutter of wings;
parrot wings.

"The bird's loose!"

Just as I got my warning out -
the bird herself appeared;
she made a graceful high speed pass over the lunch table;

-landing gear down-

and began a rapid approach for either the window
or my head.
(Her favorite landing spot of all time...)

Not liking either option -
I offered her my hand.

And she took it.

It was such an odd moment for me -
I don't believe I've held the bird since...
Well - Years.
Joe grabbed the camera and captured the moment.
Of course she started scooting down my arm
(as you can see in the photo)
in an attempt to get Dad to "rescue" her,
but she never bit me...
You wouldn't think a little parrot bite would hurt.
You'd be surprised.

I know that the bird actually sort of likes me;
she knows she does too.
She will almost always talk for me,
(she can be pretty stubborn about talking sometimes)
and over the seven years we've had her,
we've become pretty good friends.

-As long as I don't touch her cage.-

She is known to be nicer if she's away from her
house and other belongings...

She's very possessive about her stuff.

Of course Dad is still her favorite person;
and always will be.

So we awarded her for escaping
with a bite of blueberry muffin...
and then she was escorted back to her house.

We're back to double-checking that all of her doors are secured.

She has an uncanny knack for opening them.

And I have a feeling that those lovely turquoise flight feathers
are going to be getting another trim here shortly...


Laura said...

Dear Miss Kate,

This is too funny! I also know that panicked feeling when it comes to animals! Last summer, our rooster, who truly believes he is a german shepherd, decided that he suddenly did not care for my bright pink garden clogs and began chasing me all around the yard in the attack mode! My sons, who have never heard me scream like that before, thought it was hilarious! You see, they carry him around like he was a kitten. At the time, I did not find it one bit amusing...but I guess now I can look back and giggle a little. By the way, the pink clogs are no longer.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing!
Mrs. Laura

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that in the pic with her on your arm that painting in the background makes it appear as though there is a cat face right next to the parrot?!? It's looks like it is thinking, 'YUM YUM!" Just thought that was kind of funny that the picture was taken in exactly the right position to make it look as thought there is a parrot and cat on your arm! :)