April 23, 2010


The weekend is already upon us;
and I only have time to share a few snapshots.
Just a few artistic moments that Spring has brought.
The blessing of details.

The sweetness of feline femininity.
Thirteen years old, and her posture is as perfect as ever.

The heavenly fragrance of fresh lilacs.
Wafting in the east windows on a sunny afternoon.

Huck and Buster.
A decade of dog friendship.

Tea with Honey and Cream.
With a nod to my English ancestors.

A smiley dog. Who never stops moving.
The world's greatest challenge in photography. Captured.

A piece of history.
More schoolhouse woodwork, and the beauty of time.

A Favorite cat.
Who has quite the knack for finding masculine backgrounds.
And posing.

Take a moment to thank the Lord for details.
He puts detail into everything He creates;
even the little things that last just a moment.

I'm so thankful for the details.


Amanda said...

So beautiful Kate!! Buster is starting to look his age...but still precious of course. I miss him....and I guess Huck too ;) Love the tulips, and so wish I could smell the lilacs...

Kyleigh said...

I love all of these pictures, Kate - especially the kitty paws and the tea. :)

Jill said...

I laughed when I saw the picture of Spencer. Annie's dog, Bunny is similar. (not in looks) She is always smiling, and she never stops moving. We've yet to get a good photo of her...