April 2, 2010


At the moment,
I feel like today is a sad day.

Mom called the neighbors,
and they came and took their kitties away.
Away to be "barn cats" somewhere.

They were pains.

Greedy little cat-food-eating pains.
The kind that think to turn
raised beds into litter boxes...
Which is charming.
But somehow I find myself missing
the kitties more
then the spinach and radishes.

They were a pleasant pain.

No more high-placed attack cat.
(aka. Diddle-Diddle)

No more devious antics from
And well,
I have nothing bad to say about
the little momma.
I miss her little five-toed paws.
I was sort of looking forward to a few kittens.
Kittens bring back memories.
Memories of searching the nooks and crannies
of our hayloft.
Following the little bitty squeaks.
Kitten hunting.
It's been ten years too many since those days.
Oh well.
At least the spinach can rest in peace.

There's no shortage of things to be grateful for.
It was in the eighties yesterday;
and just to prove it was no April Fool's joke -
today's a repeat.

Spring is everywhere;

Fast growing lambies are loving the grass;

Even the raspberries are in earnest.
Spring has the blessings of the Lord written all over it.
Doesn't it?

Today is bittersweet.

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Sara said...

Aw, those paws!!