April 16, 2010

Of Violets; and Absurd Cats

Last week,
we searched to find one lonely violet...
This week,
our orchard is literally carpeted with them.

Aren't they lovely?

So tiny and delicate.

Yet so vibrant.

Oh, speaking of vibrant...

Perhaps I should of warned you about that...


One moment I'm getting a nice shot of a violet;
the next moment I see that in the viewfinder...
(It's a yawn by the way.)

Two of my favorite orange kitties;
basking in their new-found (and short-lived)
appreciation for violets.

Photo shoot properly sabotaged...

and they moved on.


Miss Sarah Elizabeth said...

Those violets make exceptional photos! So do your cats. ;)

Keep up the great work!

Miss Sarah Elizabeth

Hannah said...

It may sound ridiculous, but you can eat those violets! Free, healthy and beautiful : )

Kate said...

Thanks Sarah!

Actually - I have heard that before Hannah, Joe and I used to love eating them when we were little... :) Thanks for reminding me! :)

Emily Gluntz said...


I so love your photography! Especially the violet photos, they were so vibrant! You definitely have an eye for creating dynamic shots:)

I finally did a little searching and found your blog! Thanks again for the lovely time we had at y'alls farm... it was great to see y'all again!