April 26, 2011

Gerald the Babysitter

That would be the big guy in the middle.
Don't ask me how he got such a title, 
it was one of those things that just seemed meant to be...
it fell out of my mouth one day in his direction.
(The dark sheep to the right is Gerald's sister too.)

for reasons unknown to the human among us -
the eight of his tiniest half-siblings...
(who might as well be octuplets -
they were born to four different mothers in just three days!)
well, they are pretty crazy about Gerald.

You might even say they pester him.

A lot.

Napping in peace is part of Gerald's past.
(Hey, at least they weren't tap dancing on his back at the moment.)

I wish I had gotten more photos when they were itty-bitty,
but our little lamb set is still pretty cute.

 Does it look like we might have enough?

Gerald thinks so too.

Enough sheep pics?
Ha. I've got plenty more where these came from...
Just Wait.


Rachel Noel said...

Oh, how cute! My brother is getting a ewe and her two lambs this weekend. They're so fun to watch.
Thanks for the pictures, they're adorable!

Kristiana said...

That is adorable! I love lambs! My little sister has a stuffed lamb collection so I've kinda gotten attatched.


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Jacqueline said...

Too cute! I always loved watching the attachments formed within the animals we had at the farm. It seemed there were some unlikely friendships.
I think I would like Gerald. He seems, well..fatherly!
Have a great day in the Lord and all He is teaching there :)

Tarissa said...

Dear Gerald,
You are one VERY awesome creature. Looks like you have enough sheepie friends to go around.
See you in the meadow,
~ Tarissa